sobota 30. listopadu 2013

Rescued from torpor again.

Greetings fellow Methuselahs,

so I heard about some development concerning the POD distribution - if I got the info right, it's now considered to be out of the question. I take this as a good news, even though not everyone shares this point of view. As I see it this is the only way for VTES to have a small hope for another ressurection and that's why I took the +1 stealth action that costs 2 blood and am writing the post right now. :-)

Why was I off the grid for so long? It's simple. My batteries just ran out, I didn't want to do anything besides work and VTES on Thursday evenings. I pissed off a couple of friends and I can't blame them, but now my hibernation period is over and good times will surely ensue. :-D

But back to VTES.

Big things happened in the recent months. Johannes Walch stepped down from the position of VEKN chairman, one can only guess why and hope he/she guessed right (u know what I mean for sure). New cards came out and are tournament-viable now - cool stuff! I must say I was afraid about the balancing but so far it looks the designers and testers have done a decent job (and gratz to Zelgaris, two card illustrations, wow, great job!). And last but not least, EC 2013 is over, this time without my participation. Even though I did qualify thanks to shared 2nd place in the Czech Championship, I found out I had zero energy and was too tight on budget to actually enjoy myself there.

Anyway I'm glad I'm back and I already look forward to Mannheim 2014 (it's like 8 hours drive from here, I'm going if I'd have to go alone!). So far I was too busy to actually analyze the new cards but the next post is probably going to be titled something like "A lamer's take on the latest VTES expansion" :-)

This time I won't even ask anyone to share his thoughts in the discussion below... :-)

Carpe noctem.

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